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All Classes have a minimum of 4 students to start a class.
Registration Fee $35. This holds your place in the class and is deducted from the session price
10-week session $130, (includes materials), 30-minute classes
10-week session $190, (includes materials), 45-minute classes
10-week session $250, (includes materials), 60-minute classes - Music Makers

Baby & Parent Class – 0-15 mo. Parents learn new songs and movement to share with baby which will increase awareness to new experiences. Research has shown that this increases a child’s intelligence level. And, a major part of this experience is parent and baby sharing new experiences together. It also allows new parents to meet other new parents!

Toddler & Parent Class - 16 mo - 3 yrs. Toddler discovers instruments, movement and sings songs, along with other new musical and creative experiences. Discovery is an integral part of this class, and parents role model so child will learn and enjoy at the same time.

PrePiano 4's & 5's - special program - please see tab

Elementary Piano – 6-9 years – Singing, playing keyboards, moving to music, working with rhythm and melody cards and rhythm instruments such as claves, drums, glockenspiel, focus on listening, playing and identifying melodic and rhythmic patterns all lead to improvisation and composition and an extreme comprehensive musicianship that lays the foundation for wonderful pianists, vocalists and instrumentalists of every kind!

Music for Babies Newborn up to 15 months (Walking) and their grownups

Adults and babies learn lullabies, bounces, rhymes, echoes – music/movement activities to awaken the infant’s curiosity about music. Babies absorb everything…learning the language of music as they learn to talk! Foundation is laid for beat awareness, vocal production, and aural discrimination.

Toddlers 1 ½ - 3 ½ years and their grownups!

Share the joy of music and movement while developing musical skills! Adult and child explore music through singing, focused listening, moving, echoing rhythmic and melodic patterns and playing simple percussion instruments.

Cycles of Seasons for 3 - 4 years and their grownups!

Activities nurture musical growth and development and include singing, beat/rhythm activities, movement exploration, listening, creating, playing instruments, poems and stories. Musical concepts, such as rhythmic and melodic patterns, tempo, dynamics and timbre, are experienced in many ways.

Pre-Piano program for 4’s & 5’s - a two-year program using Musikgarten's Music Makers at Home and Music Makers Around the World

Year One: ages 4 1/2 to 6 years for continuing students (newcomers to Musikgarten should be 5 or 6)
Year Two: 5 to 7 years for continuing students (newcomers to Musikgarten should be 6 or 7)
60 minutes (last 10 minutes with parent participation)

This two-year music sequence includes singing, creative and structured movement, ensemble-playing, ear-training, and a logical approach to music literacy that builds symbolic thinking, concentration, memory, and self-expression. Class activities include movement games, singing, instrumental ensembles, and music-reading.

2012-13 School Year -- Spring: Starting March 26th or March 27th: 1:30PM – 2:30PM
Summer 2013 – June - 33-weeks
Fall 2013 - September - 33 weeks

Year One: Tue 1:30PM starts Sept. 10th 2013 - Fri 10:00AM starts June 28th 2013
Year Two: TBD (Tue 3:20, Wed 5:40 (full), Thu 4:30(full)) Breakdown of individual charges below…

$561 Tuition, 33-week School Year - payment plan: Monthly Tuition: $100.60 per month.
$165 Year One Materials Fee for the year - 5 CDs, folders, bag, booklets, workbook, pages, cards, glockenspiel
$104 Year Two Materials Fee for the year (if did Year One)
$147 Year Two materials if new to Pre-Piano (didn't do Year One)

Sibling Materials: $77 Year One (family has 4 older sibling's CDs and glockenspiel), $64 if older sibling has 5 CDs (including Seashore CD), $38 for additional glockenspiel, & $56 Year Two (family has older sibling's CDs and glockenspiel)

Elementary Piano Class For 6 – 10 years who want to continue their musical education in a group setting.

This class includes piano playing, aural skills, singing, drumming, ensemble playing, reading and writing music, as well as creating by composing or improvising with learned patterns. Semester’s materials: piano book, listening CD and practice CD $50.

Piano Class Book 1 and Piano Class Book 2 first!

Our class times vary - check the calendar for current classes or email Dee to start a new class. The ideal age for starting this class is 6 yrs. This will be a regular length session of 15 weeks, with tuition split into 4 monthly charges of $85 (there are 4 months - Oct - Jan and this includes materials). And, if you refer someone to the class that is not already on my distribution list and they pay for class, you will receive a $25 referral credit off your tuition.

To reserve your space, just call in a credit card or bring in a $50 registration fee (which will be deducted from your tuition payment).

Private lessons in piano, voice, strings, drums and guitar are available. Opportunities to perform in recitals, in auditions, or just for your enjoyment are encouraged by continuing to learn to create music while learning to play music from the different historical periods as well as music from any period or style of music you prefer. The goal in private lessons is to focus entirely on nurturing the individual’s talents, strengthening theoretical abilities, and enabling a student to attain his or her goals. Lesson materials vary.
Lesson fee: $117.50 per month

Listen/Sing/Play approach with 3 years of study enable your student to listen intelligently, find the sounds on the piano and read music. This course is a unique way to learn piano for the student who loves to play what they hear! 45 minute class once weekly.
Instructor: Dee Sales
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