Classes & Fees

By the month

Class                                       Class length                    Tuition

Drumming                             1 hr.                               $75/mo.
Young Singers                       1 hr.                               $75/mo.
Piano Classes                        1 hr.                                $110/mo.

Private Lessons
Our private lessons are all on a level-tuition plan, which
charges the same monthly tuition 12 months a year.

Piano, Voice, Guitar, Violin, Flute, Percussion, Woodwinds
Private Lesson 30 min. $127/mo
Private Lesson 45 min. $190.50/mo
Private Lesson 1 hr. $254/mo

10 week session, minimum of 4 students, includes materials.
Registration fee $35; reserves your space..

Offering Babies, Young Toddler, Toddler, Cycles, Music Makers,
& Elementary Piano
30 minutes $130/session
45 minutes $190/session
60 minutes $250/session

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