Tamara Wagle, a music teacher at Dee's Music Room

Tamara Wagle, NCTM


My name is Tamara Wagle. I am a professional piano teacher with twenty-five years of experience of teaching music and I provide private lessons in piano and music theory for students 6 years and older. I enjoy teaching music and am excited to share my knowledge and technical skills with others. I give a special importance for achieving a beautiful quality of tone, and I focus on mechanical skills along with artistic skills in order to teach the student not only how to play, but how to play well. Also, I help my students to learn how to understand and interpret music, so they can continue playing piano on their own, after they stopped taking music lessons.

Originally, I am from Ukraine; however, I have spent half of my life living in Kathmandu, Nepal. I studied music and have played six different instruments, the prominent one being the piano. I have a Degree in Piano Teaching from the Ukrainian Music State College in L’viv, and Bachelor’s Degree in Ethnomusicology from Kathmandu University of Nepal. I am an active member of Music Teachers National Association (MTNA). In 2019, I received from this group the certificate for being a certified teacher in piano. Numerous students of mine participate in different kind of music festivals and competitions, and some of them got international certificates in Piano performance and in Music theory in various grades of Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music (London), and Trinity College London.

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