Proud Parent

We are so proud of our daughter’s Guild results and all the hard work she puts in. We know it’s because of a very good teacher that you are and your efforts and guidance!

Thank you for your continued effort and encouragement which makes her do her best and keeps her challenged and interested.

A. C.

Graduating Senior 2020

“I have been Dee Sales’ student for the past fourteen years, and I’ve learned so much about playing the piano, music theory, and performance. Dee patiently worked with me to leave my comfort zone as a child and become more comfortable performing on stage, which has continued to grow my confidence in all aspects of my life up through high school.

She has always been supportive and encouraging of different projects that I want to work on, whether it be the Royal Conservatory Program, Guild Special Sonatina Program, or an individual project with a medley of songs. She understands my learning style and makes sure to provide challenges that she knows I welcome and look forward to tackling, as well as pushing me to work on techniques and eras of music that are particularly difficult.

I am grateful to Dee for inspiring me to continue pursuing music all these years, and I will take the lessons Dee has taught me as I move forward into college.”

Janet F.


“My 12-year-old had two piano teachers on and off for four years before we found Kaitlin Wick. She had learned the notes and could play songs, but she was never pushed and didn’t advance in skills, which disappointed me.

Kaitlin taught her the subtleties of playing that some teachers never teach, and some students never learn. Kaitlin taught her music theory, technique, confidence, performance skills and commitment.

In two years, my daughter advanced from being a novice player to successfully competing in the Intermediate D level of Guild in her second year participating. I am really thrilled with Kaitlin and her teaching style. She is a kind and encouraging teacher, but she also expects her students to work and be dedicated. I would recommend her to anyone.”

Fanny G.

Parent of Two Students

“Our oldest daughter started taking piano lessons at Dee’s Music Room when she was 5. I remember taking our youngest daughter who was then a baby to the studio to watch and listen. Both of our daughters are now taking lessons and both enjoy having Kaitlin as their teacher.

Kaitlin is attentive and patient with kids. She tailors her approach to the age and skill level of her students. She lets the girls select songs they want to learn during the summer and the holidays to change things up from their ‘regular’ lesson books. The studio coordinates recitals and adjudications for the students. The all-around approach keeps students motivated and challenged while continuing to have fun learning music!”

Katrina H.


“My daughter has been taking piano lessons from Kaitlin for 6 years, and I am so impressed by her progress. Kaitlin has an amazing ability to hear what a student needs and help the student reach a new level in musicianship. Her enthusiasm for her students and their progress is evident in the way she interacts with them. I wish I’d had Kaitlin as a teacher when I was learning how to play the piano!”