A. C.

Graduating Senior 2020

“I have been Dee Sales’ student for the past fourteen years, and I’ve learned so much about playing the piano, music theory, and performance. Dee patiently worked with me to leave my comfort zone as a child and become more comfortable performing on stage, which has continued to grow my confidence in all aspects of my life up through high school.

She has always been supportive and encouraging of different projects that I want to work on, whether it be the Royal Conservatory Program, Guild Special Sonatina Program, or an individual project with a medley of songs. She understands my learning style and makes sure to provide challenges that she knows I welcome and look forward to tackling, as well as pushing me to work on techniques and eras of music that are particularly difficult.

I am grateful to Dee for inspiring me to continue pursuing music all these years, and I will take the lessons Dee has taught me as I move forward into college.”